More Shore Birds!

Last weekend my friend and I spent another day watching and counting shore birds for the I-Webs survey here in Kerry. The weather was relatively came after the strong winds that Storm Dorris brought over the previous few days. Continue reading


The Plight of The Curlew

For the last number of months my friend and I have been participating in one of Ireland’s largest bird surveys. The I-WeBS (Irish Wetland Bird Survey) survey is carried out over the winter months in an attempt to monitor wintering populations of shorebirds in Ireland. Continue reading

Hooded Crows

Unfortunately, the weather has taken a slight turn. Over the last week or so it has been very showery and thundery on occasion, so opportunities for getting out and about have been few and far between. Yesterday was one of the better days, so I packed up my backpack and camera and headed for the local strand.

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